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International Women's Day 2021

It would be remiss to not spend some time celebrating and acknowledging International Women’s...

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International Women's Day

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How important is nutrition for primary school children
How important is nutrition for primary school children?

Last year the Independent reported that ‘there are over 91 million school children now defined a...

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BacktoSchool Webinar
Back-To-School Webinar

What is time to you? Would you like to change your school's processes to save time for you and ...

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donations fundraising
Donation and Fundraising Manager

Following the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, schools have seen income streams diminish as many trips a...

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Generating School Income
10 Ways For Your School To Make Extra Income

Schools have faced budgetary pressures for a long-time, and COVID-19 has certainly had an impac...

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School Income Management
School Income Management

WisePay's school income management systems allow you to easily create organic income for your s...

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How tech can aid the recruitment crisis

Schools across the Western world are struggling to find and retain qualified and experienced te...

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Women partaking in a counselling session, one lady has her hands on a closed notebook
Why Is Counselling and Virtual Counselling Important?

Our young people experience just as many issues with their mental health as the rest of the populat...

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Boy sits in a classroom with his teacher helping him work.
The Role of Scaffolded Learning in the Classroom

Learning always develops from the known, into the new. High-quality teaching uses thi...

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Hands with painted fingernails holding a mobile phone
The Impact of Social Media on Our Young People

Social media tends to have a bit of a bad reputation nowadays, and a lot of people think it can be ...

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How Can We Improve Student Motivation?

Even with a perfect lesson plan and years of experience in teaching, an unmotivated student won't b...

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