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Switching Payments Provider: Where to start

If your current school payments provider no longer aligns with your needs, it is time for you to lo...

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switching payments provider

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Global Payments – New Payments Facilities

We are delighted to announce we are nearing the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Pay as new...

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contract renewals
A Guide to Renewals for Colleges

It's easy to sometimes forget about service renewals, even when receiving multiple reminder...

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Generating Extra School Income with WisePay
How Can You Generate Extra Income?

Aside from being a safe and inspiring place for education, schools and similar institutions...

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Social media can help your school build better relationships with parents.
How to Use Social Media to Market Your School

Social media is a great tool to help you expand your school's reach. When you take a step b...

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Local SEO helps your school compete with others in the local area.
How to Improve Your School’s Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO will help improve your school’s visibility in the local area. Google makes assu...

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Focus on designing a school website that delivers value to both current and prospective parents.
5 Simple Tips to Improve Your School Website

You’ve probably heard on the grapevine that your website is a silent salesperson. An...

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UFSM Webinar

Watch Hilary's webinar to learn how to manage UFSM pupils and set up menus on the WisePay system. I...

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wisepay pillars
The WisePay Pillars | Our Mission to help you get the most from Payments

At WisePay, we care about our customers, that's why we have some pillars that always remind us of w...

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Importing and New Admissions Webinar
Importing and New Admissions Webinar

Watch Hilary's webinar to learn how to manage importing and new admissions on the WisePay system. I...

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Benefits of a Bespoke School Website
The Benefits of a Bespoke School Website

In the past few years, websites have been one of the most efficient ways for schools to provide inf...

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Summer Income Strategy
Top Tips for Schools to Generate Income during the Summer

With summer approaching, the school closure countdown begins. While it's great for school staff and...

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Tax-Free Childcare
Tax-Free Childcare

Tax-Free Childcare provides thousands of eligible families with assistance with regulated c...

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webinar january
April Support Webinar

Watch Phil's webinar to learn how to get the most out of WisePay. In this session, he goes through:...

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Over and Above What's Standard
Over and Above What’s Standard: Benefits of WisePay

For schools and colleges to manoeuvre quickly in an ever-changing educational landscape, software s...

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January Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about WisePay – January

At WisePay, your experience comes first. Find below some answers to the most frequently asked quest...

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school club management
5 Great Tips for Simplifying School Club Management

Managing school clubs can be tough. A successful breakfast club or engaging after school activity m...

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webinar january
Training and Support Webinar

Watch Hilary's webinar to learn how to get the most out of WisePay. In this session, she goes throu...

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preparing for trips in a virtual blog
Preparing for School Trips in a Virtual World

In a world where online shopping and card payments prevail, people usually find it stressful to hav...

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5 Creative Ways to Use your Online School Shop

The past two years have undoubtedly changed society in many ways. With many traditional services be...

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wisepay winter wellbeing
WisePay Winter Wellbeing Check In

After the holidays, it is normal to feel down or lonely. Even when you are overwhelmed and busy wit...

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pci compliance wisepay. why is it important to be compliant?
WisePay is PCI Compliant

During the pandemic more and more of us made use of paying online. As we were in lockdow...

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take a digital approach to school admission and entrance exam processes
Take a Digital Approach to School Admission and Entrance Exam Processes

The beginning of a new year can be quite stressful for schools, as exam preparation begins, and...

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school income
Extending Facilities

It is an ongoing prerequisite for educational establishments to generate additional revenue, ov...

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wisepay alumni article future
Investing in the Future

Hopefully, your Alumni will look back at their school years with fondness. They’ll recall the fri...

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Protected: Hill View Primary: Becoming A Pilot

Hill View is a Primary School located in Dorset, England. Hill View were keen to be involved in our...

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community brands and parentapps
Parentapps, a new addition to the Community Brands family

Community Brands UK, a leading provider of cloud-based software and payments solutions for scho...

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Natasha’s Law: Let’s Talk About Allergens

There has been enough media coverage for us all to have caught the end of a newsreel or coffee ...

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Service Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance – Wednesday 2nd June

Please be advised the WisePay service will be temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance, on...

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The Retirement of Our Fund Manager Service

WisePay is in the initial process of retiring its Fund Manager Service. The expectation is that the...

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Summer funding
WisePay News: Government’s kickstart for summer school and activities

The government has recently announced that in an effort to offset the disruption caused by the ...

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