Generating Extra School Income with WisePay

Generating extra funds in 2023

Aside from being a safe and inspiring place for education, schools and similar institutions can support the local community in a plethora of different ways. Thanks to the wide variety of facilities and structures onsite, your organisation could provide a source of extra income, which can then be used to improve services and equipment. Additional revenue is always a great idea for educational institutions, especially when it comes to tight budgets and the current cost of living crisis.

WisePay offers numerous ways to connect with people and attract them to the services you offer. Here are our favourite ways to use WisePay features to help boost funds for your school. 

Smart-Booker: Use your leisure facilities to generate income 

WisePay’s Smart-Booker feature allows people to book leisure spaces and hire facilities provided by your organisation. For instance, during the holidays or periods in which they are not being used regularly, you could rent out your swimming pool, football pitch, auditorium, theatre etc. You could also advertise items for hire such as mini-buses or gym equipment. There are so many options! In doing so, you are offering a service that helps the community whilst generating extra income for your organisation. By using Smart-Booker, you can easily manage sign-ups, bookings, and payments, all in one place. 

EventWise: Make money whilst hosting events 

Planning to host an event? A play, a sports game, a recital? EventWise can not only help manage your event, but also generate extra income from it! This system is an interactive seat-booking tool that can be personalised for your venue; it lets you sell tickets for your event, and customers can select the seats they prefer. This service allows for quantity selection, limiting tickets per transaction and multiple cost lines depending on seats or student discounts. You can also choose to sell bundles, such as a ticket with a drink on arrival.  

Parking Payments: Turn empty parking spaces into school income 

When your organisation hosts events like sports games or parents’ evenings, the car park can often fill up fast. Why not turn that into extra revenue that can be put back into your institution? With WisePay, you can sell parking tickets for a small charge, not only raising funds but also helping to reduce any issues around limited parking. The service is customisable and is a great way to boost your income, especially during busy times. 

Locker Payments: An easy way for schools to boost funds 

As with parking space bookings, the Locker Payments feature helps your organisation turn your existing services into revenue. This feature works well with the Pre-Admission WisePay service, and it lets new and current students access and pay for their locker for the next or current academic year. This extra income can in turn go towards maintaining your lockers, ensuring they remain an excellent facility for students for years to come. 

Donations: Raise funds for your organisation

If you’re thinking about collecting funds and donations to improve your institution, WisePay can help! You can set up a voluntary payment section for parents and guardians to choose how much to donate. This is also a great way to collect donations if you’re raising money for charity. Read our blog post to learn more about how to encourage donations from your alumni and the overall community. 

By adopting these small changes and capitalising on existing facilities, your organisation will start to see a significant increase in its income. WisePay wants to help you save time and offer your community the best experience possible. Book a demo with us to discover our full range of services and how we can help your organisation. 

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