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Hopefully, your Alumni will look back at their school years with fondness. They’ll recall the friends they made, maybe some for life, and the experiences they shared.

Many Alumni will take pride in the school or college that they attended for many years to come. They will want to remain part of that close and special community. However, these people won’t just be alumni. They are your future supporters for fundraising events and careers talks, donors for special projects and even prospective parents. Hence, it makes sense to continue to engage with them.

An online payment solution with the scope and flexibility of Wisepay lends itself perfectly to encouraging financial support from your alumni. At the same time, it does the same with your current school community and external parties.

Encouraging Donations and Involvement

If you have a new building project underway that will enhance the learning experience in your school or college, consider a “donate now” button. This makes it simple for any supporters to make a contribution whilst visiting the page on your school or college site.

To free staff time for other activities, you can manage sales, tracking of tickets and payments as one process. The planning of balls, theatre productions and sport events will be a lot quicker and more efficient.

Besides the fundraising events and activities that you undertake, there is a more discrete contribution that could be made by your alumni. Students will often draw inspiration from those who have gone before them. Your Alumni could be ideally placed to provide insight or support. For instance, they could speak about their chosen profession or how they achieved success in their chosen field. Finding those inspirational speakers can be time consuming and tricky. By creating a “register of interest” via your web site, the process would become much easier. It is a ready-made resource pool for you to tap into when needed.

You may also be promoting the use of your facilities, as many schools and colleges have done so successfully in recent years. In this scenario, having an efficient, simple way for someone to book and pay online for a swimming session or tennis court will be a real time saver. No more chasing booking forms or late payments and available to your “customers” 24/7 for complete flexibility.

Thinking ahead

Of course, your alumni could well be your parents of the future. Your school may have a great reputation, good sports facilities, strong academic results, and pastoral care. Nonetheless, it’s still vitally important that your prospective parents’ and students’ experience is as positive as possible. Simply being able to provide online registration and application processes with online payment of fees will be a plus for many busy parents. With Wisepay, you are able to link our payment facility into your website with your colours and logo, keeping your marketing and messaging on brand.

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