sir joseph williamsons' mathematical school

Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School currently has 1478 students. They are proud to ensure the highest standards of achievement and to provide all students with an exciting, challenging, and enjoyable curriculum that will prepare them for a rapidly changing, technology-dominated world. The staff are proud of promoting courtesy, acceptance, and respect for others, and place great emphasis on personal development and well-being. The school work in partnership with parents and the wider community. 

We had a chat with their Finance Manager Denise Knapp, who told us about the school’s journey with WisePay and how it has revolutionised their payment processes. 

How did you handle payments before adopting WisePay? 

Before WisePay, we used cash and cheques. 

What did you want to achieve with WisePay? 

Our goal was to find with a more streamlined and convenient system and way to collect parents’ payments.  

What are your favourite WisePay modules and how do your students and families interact with them? 

The Trips module is our favourite, as it makes it easy for parents to book and pay for a Trip, also using instalments.    

How has WisePay helped you boost commercial income? 

It has been helpful with our Chromebook scheme. We have been using the recurrent payments feature to collect parents’ donations for the Chromebooks that the students were provided with. Through this feature, we managed to generate significant income for our school to offset some of the scheme cost. 

What are your thoughts on the WisePay support? 

Overall support is good, Hilary and the team are always available to help.  

Please sum up your overall experience with WisePay: 

Our experience has been very positive, especially with Account Management and Customer support. Connie Millar (when she was our Account Manager), Kayleigh Holt and Hilary McMullan have provided a great service and continue to be a valued source of support to me in my role and by extension the school. 

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