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School Resources

The new education landscape
The New Education Landscape
A collective digest of current education topics and trends.
Challenges Schools are Facing
The Challenges Schools are Facing
Expand your horizons with a comprehensive selection of key insights from real industry professionals, giving you the information you need to properly prepare for the reamining Autumn term.
school payments statistics
All your school payments in one place
An introductory look into how important being cashless is to a modern school.
cashless school whitepaper
Steps to going cashless in education
A comprehensive guide featuring in-depth analysis, case studies, and research-based discussion.
User Guide
WisePay Desktop User Guide for Parents
A resource for parents to get the most out of Wisepay and how to perform everyday actions.
Smart-Booker Brochure
WisePay Smart-Booker
Learn how to manage bookings with our flexible and intelligent booking system.
Lancaster Grammar School Case Study
Case Study
Lancaster Royal Grammar School
A case study highlighting Wisepay's payment success with Lancaster Royal Grammar School.
User Guide
WisePay App User Guide for Parents
A quick guide showcasing how to easily navigate our smartphone app with ease!
WisePay payments for parents
User Guide
WisePay - An introduction
Providing you with a quick start overview of the Wisepay platform. Just enough to get you up and running.
WisePay forms Manager
User Guide
WisePay - Forms Manager User Guide
A guide to help you set up forms for data collection, consent and much more. Moving your paper collection online.
User Guide
WisePay - Importing & New Admissions
A guide to help you set up new student accounts prior to them becoming active and on roll in the schools’ MIS database.
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Small, manageable chunks that make a big difference.

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