WisePay payment services are designed to allow schools and academies to streamline current payment collections. Simultaneously, WisePay enables schools to develop new income streams to grow revenue. WisePay also modernises efficiencies in administrative processes, whilst providing powerful analysis and reporting capabilities without the need for data expertise!

Payments for Schools and Academies

School Meal Management Service
School Meal Management Service
Manage school meals intuitively using our digital platform. This includes 2 different meal management services, cashless catering, and pre-menu ordering.
Educational Trip Payment and Management Service
Educational Trip Payment and Management Service
Easily manage all trips effectively in one place. This includes variable payments, deposits, bursaries, instalment payments and zero payment options.
Before and After School Clubs Service
Before and After School Clubs Service
Collect money for a club by a defined period or allow parents to book and pay for specific clubs based on dates.
exam fee service
Exam Fee Service
Select exam fees to be securely paid for by parents and students. Our payment portal makes this process simple with multiple payment options!
Bus or Travel Payments Service
Bus or Travel Payments Service
Allow for travel payments to be made securely using our online payment portal, streamlining a typically mundane and time-consuming task.
school shop
Online Shop Service
Our online shop service enables convenient shopping for vital products, uniforms and equipment without the need for cash handling.
Manageable chunks

Small, manageable chunks that make a big difference.

Our services can be used as one, several or any combination of software from the WisePay platform.

Commercial Income Management Software

Managing student payments such as bursaries, trips, meals, and clubs can be stressful. WisePay makes each process straightforward. Best of all, you can pick exactly the modules you need, meaning you get a personalised plan which fits the challenges your school is aiming to overcome.

smart booker
Smart-Booker allows you to manage the bookings and lettings of facilities with ease and sophistication. Available with and without payments, this tool is perfect for managing provisions such as sports halls, leisure activities, clubs, and football pitches.
event wise
Event-Wise is ideal for events and theatre productions with numbered seating. It provides variable and multiple seat pricing, has an interactive seat planner and allows hospitality and merchandise to be sold with a seat.
School Forms
Product Payment Web Service
The Product Payment Web Service allows organisations to host content, manage stock control and obtain information. Perfect for registration fees and courses.

Our Schools

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School (St Francis) was finding the collecting and banking of cash for school meals very time-consuming and labour-intensive. They contacted WisePay to find out how they could consolidate and centralise communications and finances to make life simpler, safer and more convenient.

Features for Schools and Academies

School parental payments
Reporting in real-time
This allows our schools and colleges to see exactly who has or hasn’t paid at any point in time. Additionally, WisePay’s software manages multiple accounting codes and student identifiers. This ensures that all the payments received from our schools and colleges are always associated instantly to both the correct pupil and the correct finance code. External customers can also make payments with our schools. Again, all WisePay’s software provides detailed audit trails.
School revenue reporting
API Sync
All of WisePay’s services integrate with a school or college’s finance software. We can also provide reports in different formats should your organisation require.Additionally, WisePay software automatically synchronises with all leading student databases. This means that when students join our schools and colleges, or move to a different year or course, the same data automatically synchronises with WisePay’s software to create information records.

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