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At WisePay, we care about our customers, that’s why we have some pillars that always remind us of what our goals are. As this academic year comes to an end, we understand you may need more support than usual. Or, you may be looking for a reliable payments provider for the new academic year. This is why you should choose WisePay…

Freedom of choice 

The range of services WisePay can offer schools and colleges is hugely beneficial to customers. It allows for the challenges of managing the daily trials and tribulations at a school or college to become that little easier by WisePay automating data, payments, communications, and bookings. More often than not, if WisePay is asked if it can manage an area or revenue stream, there is a solution awaiting our customers across normal school ventures and more commercial learning aspects.  

Financial autonomy  

WisePay has always actively prioritised the importance of customers having independence and control over their organisation’s monies. There are many payment providers who retain funds, being paid in their bank account, earning interest before then coding money to the customers’ bank account on a weekly or two-weekly basis. WisePay believes your organisation should be attaining any benefit on items being sold and therefore, have maintained the current method of taking payments i.e., for the income being obtained to be paid directly into your organisation’s bank account.  

Considered protection  

The foundational stones of the WisePay platform not only provide system-wide coverage where security is concerned, but also each individual school has their own distinct (web) location. This means whatever is happening in another school or college’s location will not impact yours. This also provides an explanation to why each student has their own WisePay account and why the parent email addresses are not used to link many accounts together in one location, as seen with other payment providers.  

Community values 

WisePay was often noted for a ‘family’ feel to the way we conducted business, and although there have been substantial changes in recent years for all, these values are something our team members still hold dear, and we are actively working towards elevating these existing values to the forefront of everything we do.

Tim - Wisepay
Tim Smith is the WisePay Director. If there’s anything you need from WisePay, wish to discuss additional modules or arrange an Account Review meeting, please reach out to him!

Wise-Dos and Wise-Don’ts

wisepay pillars

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