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Switch to Online Admission Forms and Fee Collection

The beginning of a new year can be quite stressful for schools, as exam preparation begins, and students start looking ahead to the following academic year. Particularly, school admission processes can be lengthy and overwhelming for staff.

Schools tend to invest a lot of time and money into admission processes because it requires many staff members to collect paperwork, payments, and information. Students and their families must physically go to their school of interest to verify their ID documents in person and submit their application and pay for the requested fees. They may even have to sign up for entrance exams and pay additional fees. For the school staff, data entry, collection of paperwork, generating reports and counting money can be a time-consuming job and it can cause discrepancies in the overall process and application tracking.

How to save time

Saving time when going through a similar process is essential. The easiest solution to help with this issue is for your school to adopt an EdTech tool that would quickly free time from staff by processing everything online. Many benefits can be gained this way:

Student profiles

By entering data online, you are able to organise it in different folders that don’t take up space on school premises and endless amounts of paper. Each student would have their own personal profile where you can keep track of their application process, payments received and due, any copies of important documents, school reports, exam results and much more.

Online verification

There are many platforms and apps that help organisations verify important documents, such as passports, visas etc. This would give a lot of time back to your staff and would make it easy for students and their families to verify their documents without the need to physically come to school.

Less paperwork

The school admission process requires students to provide a lot of information. By taking a digital approach to the admission process, you will be able to send online forms that would save you the money you would normally spend on paper and printing. It would also make it instant for the students and their families to return.

Collecting fees and payments

Through an online payments tool, you will be able to make your school completely cashless. Not only does this save time, but it also makes it safer for the school to not have to store large amounts of cash. Online fee collection can also help you generate reports quicker and figure out if any school fees are outstanding.

An online school payments solution like WisePay can help you with all these instances. Many of our features, such as the School Forms Manager, are designed to help your school staff and make events such as school admission processes a stress-free experience. The time you save by using an EdTech online tool can then be invested in many more priorities for the school! Learn more about WisePay by booking a demo today.

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