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Streamlining School Payments

Generate school income with our online school booking system.



Welcome to WisePay

The complete package for school income management, bookings and parental communication.

Facilitating sports, trips and club booking for Schools and Colleges



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Welcome to WisePay

Every school is unique, so our services are designed to be flexible.

Seamless dinner hall management for Schools and Colleges


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Trusted Cashless School Payments

Welcome to WisePay

WisePay is a secure online school payments service, allowing parents and guardians to make cashless payments to their school or college. Go cashless today with WisePay.

WisePay was established in 2007 in Hampshire and is a leading supplier of flexible payment, booking and communication services for education. We are proud to be involved in aiding the growth of organisations, enabling them to reach their full potential using modern technology.


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Tailored for you
at WisePay we can customise our modular platform so it's right for you.

Smart software solutions

Seamless school payment and booking collections experienced through our smart software solutions.

School Income Management Software

Music lessons, school trips, school dinner collection, annual fees and much more. A flexible and smart solution for school income management, taking the stress out of school payments with a straightforward solution.

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Commercial Income Management Software

Manage, plan and organise for your commercial spaces. Generate additional income through sports hall bookings, leisure activities, clubs, football pitches, swimming pools.

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Parent Engagement

Integrate your payments facility from Wisepay with parental engagement that just works. Organise trips, collect payments, promote events and much more with the text and email broadcasting service.

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School Payments Resources

Challenges Schools are Facing
The Challenges Schools are Facing
Expand your horizons with a comprehensive selection of key insights from real industry professionals, giving you the information you need to properly prepare for the reamining Autumn term.
The new education landscape
The New Education Landscape
A collective digest of current education topics and trends.
school booking system
WisePay Smart-Booker
Learn how to manage bookings with our flexible and intelligent booking system.
cashless school whitepaper
Going cashless in education
A comprehensive guide on cashless processes in education, featuring in-depth analysis, case-studies, and research-based discussion.
school payments statistics
All your school payments in one place
An introductory look into how important being cashless is to a modern school.

Popular School Payments Services

WisePay offer a range of school income solutions, here are some of the most popular school payments modules.

exam fee service
Exam Fee Payments
This Service allows students to make exam and re-sit payments online, 24/7. WisePay can also integrate with a school or college exam database so that student results can be displayed directly and securely to the Wise Account of each individual student.
School Meal Management Service
Cashless Catering
A one-stop service, providing tills, portable tablets, FSM Services, and integrated online top-ups. Includes text and email alerts.
School Forms
School Forms Manager
Collect Information and Consents from Students and Parents and manage centrally in a single source.

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