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Generating School Income: 3 Creative Strategies

It is an ongoing prerequisite for educational establishments to generate additional revenue, over and above what is seen as typical payments activity within those environments. Services such as Educational Trips and Visits, Cashless Catering, General Payments or Shop Services accommodate the day-to-day provision required for payments and bookings.

Providing payment facilitation outside the school or college community

Having the capability to stretch beyond the reach of such services can be a difficult feat. Often schools and colleges find out too late that their payments providers are bound by the limitation of what their software can achieve. One of these limitations is extending the payment facilitation outside of the school or college community. Fortunately for WisePay customers, this capability is within reach and can be accessed by speaking with your WisePay contact. The types of solutions WisePay can offer are as follows:

External Account Creation

This service allows for those outside of the school community – i.e. those whose information does not reside on the MIS – to have tempered access to certain products. Such products are represented as ‘available to all’ whereas the school community product, items and activities are associated with designated groups generated via the ‘Audience Group Manager’ area. This means that everyone, whether you are a parent of a student or live in the community where the school is located, both individuals can access WisePay to make payments safely and securely.

Taking payment via your establishment’s website

This service can run alongside your standard hosted service or be standalone. The content, stock control and information obtainment are managed by your organisation. WisePay acts solely as the payment facilitator by replicating the shopping cart items your customer has selected. It also takes the customer through the payment process, without them knowing they have left your organisation’s website. All financial data is centralised and recorded in WisePay, in the usual way. The customer will receive a payment receipt as standard. This service is a guest checkout out service which is a perfect solution to manage donations, events, adult courses and much more.

Facilities Management and Seated Event Bookings

Each of these WisePay services has its place where commercial income is concerned.

Smart Booker is a facilities and asset management solution. Organisations use this service for sports facilities, ICT provision, minibus hire and much more. The software has collision management built-in; therefore, your organisation is always optimizing revenue. The system has the scope to divide floor space and create units in set-up. This way, you can charge for the space or per bike if a spinning class is part of your organisations offering. Invoicing comes as a standard; deferring payments for clubs who use your organisations’ facilities or presenting billing in customers WisePay accounts.

Events Wise is a seat booking events system, utilising the rich features of this service to create your bespoke auditorium layouts. This service assists in boosting profitability, not only in sports hall conversion layouts but to purpose-built theatres. Top-level analysis can be viewed per production, and resources can be added to a production or event such as food and drink or theatre show programmes. The expected functions for stock control and audience group capability are as standard.

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