Smarter, faster and easier payments to your school or college

WisePay is a secure online payment service that allows parents, guardians and students to make payments to their school or college using their debit or credit cards.

Where to Start

If your school or college have started using WisePay, you will need a Username and Password to log in and start making payments.

Your Organisation will advise you either by letter or email of your individual Username/Email and Password.

Please remember that both your Username/Email and Password are case sensitive and so must be entered with the correct upper and lower case characters.

You should change your Username and Password that has been sent to you by WisePay.

If you believe that you should have received a letter and it has not arrived, please contact your school or college administrator.

School Payments Questions
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School Payments FAQs

I am trying to send a password reset email to a parent but they are not receiving anything?

An email will only be sent if there is an email address on the child’s profile.

I have set up a variable price trip so parents can pay by instalments, the system says the trip is full but it isn’t?

This is because you should have set it up as a fixed with instalments trip not as a variable.

When I log in as an administrator I can only see the parent view?

As an Administrator You need to log in using this URL.

I am an Administrator but I only have one user name and password?

As an Administrator you log into a different URL (see above) than a parent/user.

How do I set up Parents Evening bookings?

User Guides

User Guide
WisePay Online User Guide for Parents
A resource for parents to get the most out of Wisepay and how to perform everyday actions.
User Guide
WisePay App User Guide for Parents
A quick guide showcasing how to easily navigate our smartphone app with ease!
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Small, manageable chunks that make a big difference.

Our services can be used as one, several or any combination of software from the WisePay platform.


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