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Your school website can provide both your school and parents with many benefits, as it is the best tool to communicate with them. Adopting a good school website design service is a great investment for schools as it increases parental engagement, and it is a remarkable way to build your school’s brand.

Engaging parents and guardians

Your main reason to have an up-to-date, simple to use and modern school website is to ensure parents and guardians can easily check it for news and events. Whether it be announcements of school closure, sports events or parents’ evening, your school can provide a calendar or blog for parents and guardians to find information, and therefore reduce the number of calls and emails to your staff.

How do we create your school website?

After you discuss what your requirements for the website are with our team, you will be able to access a preview to ensure you are happy with the design and contents. The team will also outline every detail and goal of every page and section, so you can get to know your new school website through and through.

Start from zero or get a makeover

If you already have a website and wish to make some changes or update its design and contents, the team will be able to give you advice or rebuild your website. Throughout the process, they will work with you to ensure they can deliver everything you wish for on your website.

Thanks to our education expertise, no matter what your needs are, the team will find the perfect design for your school. When you are satisfied with the results, the new website will be launched, and the team will provide you with a backup of your old website.

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The bespoke package

Our school website design service offers a personalised package specific to your school, and there are many goals we prioritise when building one. This is a part of what we want your school to obtain:

  • Bespoke, unique design
  • Mobile friendly, versatile access
  • Simple to use and update
  • School shops and donations
  • Social Media integration
  • Promote school news and events
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • SSL Security
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Ofsted Compliant
  • Parental Portal

… And much more!

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