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After the holidays, it is normal to feel down or lonely. Even when you are overwhelmed and busy with your personal or professional life, dedicating some time for yourself can help you feel less stressed and see things from a different perspective.

Doing a mental and physical wellbeing check-in with yourself is essential. At WisePay, we care about our customers – so we would like to provide you with some support on how to face the rest of this cold winter with positivity.

What are you thankful for? Practicing gratitude helps many people be optimistic and confident.

Include the outdoors in your daily routine. A daily walk does so much more than you think for your mental and physical health!

Support each other. You are never alone.

Exhale. Breathing can help calm your mind and body when you are feeling stressed.

Prioritise work breaks to avoid burnout.

Add a self-care practice to your day – have a warm bath, watch an episode of your favourite show, cook a tasty meal!

You are doing great! Keep going. ­čÖé

Remember you are never alone. If you need any support, there are many charities and non-profit organisations dedicated to the mental wellbeing of those who work in the education industry, such as Education Support UK. Their goal is to provide expert advice from school staff to school staff. You can contact them on their emergency helpline or check out their online resources.

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