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For schools and colleges to manoeuvre quickly in an ever-changing educational landscape, software solutions supplying schools and colleges need to be broad enough in scope to support all phases of education, enabling educational leaders and their teams to reach their potential. The offering in the payment provider market is usually a standard cloud-based solution and is a base-level benchmark in today‘s EdTech backdrop. The coverage for schools and colleges from a payment provider is often lacking. Where standard offerings end, WisePay begins to come into its own.

The push for optimizing income is ever increasing. Therefore, more schools and colleges are extending the provision of payments outside of the school or college community, making all payments accessible through one platform via a link on your organisation’s webpage. For a customisable customer experience, WisePay’s strong audience group controls are required alongside a separate access point for those external to the community to access specific items or activities for purchase. This means that customers can be parents, alumni, learners, or members of the local community; all making payments towards fundraising or buying tickets to an event being hosted by a school or college.

Furthermore, a school or college may want to manage the branding, content and stock control via their existing website or part of a website re-design. WisePay can function as a guest check out payment facilitator in this scenario and provide web design consultancy alongside WisePay’s Product Payment Service. This means that your organisation can obtain donations, sell courses, let users book holiday activities etc., and the customer appears to not leave your organisation’s website throughout the booking and payment journey. The benefit of managing aspects of your income in this way is that your organisation can promote its branding at every stage of the payment journey. Your financial team reap the benefits of the income streams being recorded in a centralised reporting area alongside managing other WisePay activities.

The adaptability of the WisePay solution is one of its unique benefits and separates it from the remainder of its peers within the payment provider industry. In addition to the standard WisePay platform and payment facilitation via an organisation’s website, WisePay can also offer an application programming interface (API) overlaying with the standard WisePay offering. For example, taking audience group management from semi-automated to fully automated, increasing the standard login offering to single sign-on with integration with portal providers and automation of exam results and re-sits all under one overarching payment, bookings, and communication solution.

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