getting a head start to the new school year

Even though the next academic year still seems to be far away, at WisePay we like to be super prepared, and make sure that you are too. This season, it’s important for your school to focus on starting to wrap up the school year and your Leavers processes, however don’t forget that new students will join your school in September and you have to be ready for their arrival. 

WisePay can be the helping hand you’ll need during this time, and it will make a significant difference in the time you spend working towards pre-admissions tasks. Our modules are designed to help you manage processes for your current students as well as your upcoming new ones. Here is how you are guaranteed to get a head start to September with the help of WisePay. 

New Admissions 

On WisePay, you are able to set up your new student accounts prior to them becoming active and on roll in the school’s MIS database. This allows for usernames and passwords to be provided to the new parents and students in order for purchases to be made for items, food and drink before the new term begins. The importing process may seem a bit complex, however we provide some free training to help you complete this seamlessly; watch this year’s free support webinar here!  

Locker Payments  

Once your new admissions’ accounts have been created, you can start using some of our other modules to set them up before they begin. On our Locker Payments module, students are able to pick their own locker and pay for it in order to be fully ready and save time on their first day. 

Parking Payments 

Just like in Locker Payments, students are able to select and pay for their preferred car parking space before the beginning of term. This avoids your staff having to singularly go through car parking payments with each student who requests one. 


If you offer school merchandise, such as hoodies, stationery, or coffee cups, give your new students the ability to purchase them before the term begins through your online school shop. Give them a chance to be proud of their next chapter and rep your school logos and colours on their first day! This is also great for your school to generate extra income.  

Get started today! 

Ensuring your new students are all set up for the new academic year builds more trust, and will help them and their parents familiarise with your school before they start. It will also save significant amounts of time for your school staff members, so they’ll be able to dedicate themselves to other time-consuming processes in September. Speak to our team today if you’d like to find out more about the services WisePay can offer your organisation! 

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