WisePay Sub-Processors

Microsoft Azure - Hosting, Emails
SagePay/Opayo - Payment Processing
Global Payments - Payment Processing
Secure Trading Financial Services - Payment Processing
Groupcall Ltd - SMS and Email Messaging
Pebble Tali - Payment Processing

The online school booking system

Commercial Income Management
Adaptable booking options
Smart-Booker manages multiple booking types depending upon your organisation’s facilities and your customers’ needs.
School Income Management
Multiple payment options
Smart-Booker has multiple payment options so that your organisation can choose how your customers pay you.
Educational Trip Payment and Management Service
Equipment, clothing and IT hire
Smart-Booker provides the functionality to hire equipment or IT services both with and without a space booking. Built-in functionality in Smart-Booker manages assets so that there are no double bookings.
School Meal Management Service
Catering and hospitality bookings
Smart-Booker provides the catering team with detailed reports of all refreshments ordered together with the times they are required and where they are needed.
product payment api
Comprehensive reporting suite
Smart-Booker provides a comprehensive reporting suite. All payments are easily reconciled and calendar based reports show all bookings ‘at a glance’
Manageable chunks

Small, manageable chunks that make a big difference.

Our services can be used as one, several or any combination of software from the WisePay platform.

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school booking system
WisePay Smart-Booker
Learn how to manage bookings with our flexible and intelligent booking system.

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