The past two years have undoubtedly changed society in many ways. With many traditional services being transferred online, schools have adopted tech tools to help families engage even during a national lockdown. While approaching what may be considered ‘the new normal,’ some of these online tools are becoming more common because of their practicality.

When considering online payments platforms, there are endless ways in which they can benefit a school and its community. Apart from the obvious reducing the spread of germs and viruses by getting rid of cash exchange, an online payments solution also speeds up processes and offers new opportunities.

WisePay is not just a payments platform. Its aim is to offer many interactive features for parents and guardians to engage with schools: forms, registers of interest, club management. One of the most useful tools that WisePay offers is the School Shop. We want to share our ideas with you on how to make the most of your school shop. It is an easy and creative way to support learning and to showcase your school brand.


One of the key features that make your school unique is definitely a signature uniform. Blazers, school bags, socks, skirts… Add any items you wish to your online shop. Selling uniforms on your school shop makes it easier for families to purchase these essential items at the click of a button.

Pro tip: why don’t you try taking a sustainable approach to your uniform sales? Let leavers donate their uniforms to the school, then sell these second hand to your new students. Not only does this help towards the achievement of zero carbon emissions, but it also makes it more affordable for families to purchase uniforms. The government have advised doing this as part of their recent press release about helping out families by reducing uniform costs.

Sports Equipment

If your school offers pupils many different sports courses, there will be a high demand for supplies and equipment. Pupils will need swimming caps, baseball bats, football kits etc. Adding such items to your school shop makes it easy for parents and guardians to purchase them, but it is also a great opportunity for your school to push its branding by designing these items with signature school colours and logos.


Offering parents and guardians online shopping for school stationery is a great way for your school to make some profit! Apart from the obvious pen and paper, some ideas may be calculators, notebooks, rulers, paint and brushes etc. It will be easier for busy families to buy these items online instead of having to go to a shop. Why not create subject-specific kits, for example, art kits or technical design kits? Make it available to all, and by using the WisePay ‘homepage highlight’ feature, you can further highlight availability at key times of the year such as September or Christmas break for stocking fillers. The ‘homepage highlight’ is designed to advertise products, and once clicked upon, you are taken straight to the purchase screen, avoiding additional clicks when browsing.

Revision Guides

No matter if it’s exam season or not, selling revision guides and textbooks is always necessary. By encouraging parents and guardians to invest in these items, you will benefit students directly, as it prepares them better for tests and exams. The WisePay School Shop allows for your organisation to optimise revenue by providing edit capability for pricing, and multi pricing options. Additionally, you will be able to access summary and stock level reports, which help you identify best sellers and manage stock reliably. Be sure to send out communications to parents and guardians when they are most likely to purchase textbooks and revision guides, such as at the beginning of the summer or winter break. On WisePay, you also have the option to compartmentalise textbooks by subject or level so it’s easier for families to navigate through the system and find what they are looking for. You can also provide suggestions for additional reading to strengthen the pupils’ preparation and help them bring it to the next level.

IT Products

If your school provides any electronic equipment, it is a great idea to put it up for sale on your school shop. You can start off with simple tools such as headsets and mouses, up to bigger financial commitments such as laptops. Chromebooks are common items that schools offer to help pupils access online resources and modernise teaching. WisePay allows for such products to be purchased in full, however, inclusion is an important aspect where accessibility to learning equipment is concerned. So, WisePay Shop allows for instalment payment structures, where your establishment can break larger amounts into more manageable payments for parents and learners.

At WisePay we are proud of the variety of services we offer for schools, because of how hard it can be to manage finances. We want to save you time and make your school a secure place.

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