Summer Income Strategy

With summer approaching, the school closure countdown begins. While it’s great for school staff and pupils to log off and enjoy the warmer weather, your school corridors and facilities will be quiet and empty, waiting for September to come around again. However, look at this as another great opportunity: renting out your school grounds helps out your local community and generates extra income for your school. 

Summer School 

Summer schools are popular around the country; many summer camp businesses and international English schools tend to rent out school grounds (particularly ones that offer rooms and board) to host their students. Depending on who you decide to rent to, you can give access to your classrooms, fields, swimming pools, sports pitches and courts, and labs. It’s ultimately up to you to decide how long to rent it, and how much for.  

Seasonal Events 

In the summertime, days get longer and people have more time to organise all sorts of events. Whether it’s parents, school staff or anyone in your local community, why not make your school available to host events? Depending on your facilities, your school could be the host of sports days or rallies, outdoor concerts, charity events, or plays.  

Booking Facilities and Selling Tickets 

If you need help renting out your school grounds and keeping track of bookings, WisePay’s Smart Booker system is the perfect online tool to make it easier. You can manage payments on the system and ensure all the necessary arrangements have been taken. Not only are you helping out your local community by offering a service, you are also generating extra funds for your organisation. 

If you are renting out your theatre or assembly hall, or are hosting any kind of event that involves seating, our EventWise service will come in handy. Through this intuitive feature, you can sell numbered or allocated seats that can be personalised for your venue. Let customers select a seat of their choice and give them the option to also pre-order and pay for a drink or snack upon arrival. You can limit ticket purchases per customer and create different price bands – for instance, student rates.  

Holiday Activities 

To keep your school community engaged throughout the summer, it would be a good idea to keep running clubs and activities during the holiday period. Many parents and guardians would see this as a huge benefit as it can be hard to juggle work and childcare during the holidays. This would allow you to make some extra income during any school closure period.  

Make sure to include this information on social media, your school newsletter, or your school website to keep your community informed. If you are looking for ideas to generate extra income all year round, check out our blog for more tips.  

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