Managing school income and school payments such as bursaries, school trips, school meals, and clubs can be stressful. WisePay school income software makes each process straightforward and incredibly easy. Best of all, you can pick exactly the cashless modules you need, meaning you get a personalised school income plan which fits the challenges your school is aiming to overcome.

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WisePay School Income Modules

School Meal Management Service
School Meal Management
Students can pick their meal choices ahead of time, meaning school catering staff can optimise their time and reduce wastage. Payments are made quickly and easily, with flexible payment options for parents and carer’s convenience.
Before and After School Clubs Service
Before and After School Clubs
Collect money for a club by a defined period or allow parents to book and pay for specific clubs based on dates.
School Meal Management Service
Cashless Catering
A one-stop service, providing tills, portable tablets, FSM Services, and integrated online top-ups. Includes text and email alerts.
Educational Trip Payment and Management Service
Educational Trips and Visits
Easily manage all trips effectively in one place. This includes variable payments, deposits, bursaries, instalment payments and zero payment options
School Forms
School Forms Manager
Collect Information and Consents from Students and Parents and manage centrally in a single source.
register of interest
Register of Interest
This service allows for organisations to gauge interest or manage waiting list for selected services, within WisePay.
donations manager
Donation & Fundraising Manager
This service allows you to organise the collection of any donations, or present fundraising products to the school community and outside of the school community.
voluntary contributions
Voluntary Contributions
This service allows for you to create a rapid payment graphic to show directly to potential customers.
tickets and events
Tickets & Events
This service allows customers to pay for tickets for events where having a seat number is not a requirement (EventWise by WisePay is the service used for seat bookings).
exam fee service
Exam Fee Payments
This Service allows students to make exam and re-sit payments online, 24/7. WisePay can also integrate with a school or college exam database so that student results can be displayed directly and securely to the Wise Account of each individual student.
general products
General Products
This service is used as a place where ad hoc items can be sold. This service is also used as a prelude for shop items when there are only a few items for sale.
invoice payments service
Invoice Payments
The Invoice payment service allows for efficient general sales, usually for fee-related services.
Bus or Travel Payments Service
Bus & Travel Payment
Whatever functionality your organisation requires, such as, bus, rail or taxi travel, WisePay has a service which will be able to meet your requirements!
parking payments service
Parking Payments
WisePay offer a parking payments management service. Another way for Wisepay to support income streams for your organisation!
locker payments service
Locker Payments
Easily create a purchasable product for locker payments with the WisePay Locker Payments service.
Before and After School Clubs Service
After School Clubs Activities
A payments service where products are created and published, for which a parent can pay using a range of payment options.
book and club service
Book & Pay Clubs
A payments service where products are created and published, for which a parent can pay using a range of payment options.
music payments service
Music Payments
Manage music lesson and instrument hire easily with Wisepay’s service options.
swimming payments service
Swimming Payments
A payments service where products are created and published, for which a parent can pay using a range of payment options.
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