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From time-to-time we have questions relating to our school payments software that we like to pass on to our clients. These questions include general account management & administration through to card payments and product management. If you can’t find a solution below please contact the WisePay team today, we are more than help to help with your school payments solution!


School Payments Questions

School Payments Questions

How do I obtain a username and password for my WisePay account?

Every User is provided with a secure Wise Account. This will enable you to make online payments to your chosen Organisation (ie College or School). Your Organisation will advise you either by letter or email of your individual Username and Password. You will need your Username and Password to access your account.You should change your Username and Password that has been sent to you in WisePay unless it is a Single Sign User Name and Password that you use for other logins to your Organisation.To access your WisePay Account, please go to your the website provided to you by your Organisation (ie not WisePay’s website) or go to your Organisation’s web site and click on the WisePay logo or link. You will be taken to your WisePay payment portal.If you believe that you should have received a letter and it has not arrived, please contact your school or college administrator.

What do I do if I forget my Password?

You can request a password reset, sent to your email by selecting the “Forgotten Password” link on the homepage. You will be taken to a ‘Reset my Password’ screen where you will be guided with step by step instructions.Step 1 – A security challenge will appear with a 5 character security code shown for you to fill in (this is not case sensitive, either lower or upper case characters can be used). Step 2 – You will then have to enter your email address and confirmation email – this is case sensitive, and must be filled in with the exact email address that is registered on yourWisePay account. When step 1 and 2 are complete, you can click on the “Reset Password” button to complete your password reset request, and a new password will be sent to your email account.If you are unable to retrieve your Password or you have forgotten your Username, please contact you Organisation’s WisePay Administrator.

How do I Log In?

You will find your log in located at the top/middle area of your homepage.Enter your username or email address and password in the boxs provided and click the ‘Log In’ button to start making payments and access your Wise Account.Please remember that both your Username/Email and Password are case sensitive and so must be entered with the correct upper and lower case characters.

How do I Log Out?

You can log out of WisePay at any time. Just click the “Log Out” link found in the top navigation bar. It’s always a good idea to log out of WisePay when you have finished. After you log out your name will be removed from the home page.

How do I add items to my shopping cart?

To add an item to your shopping cart, select the item that youwant to purchase or pay for by clicking on it. The purchase price willautomatically appear in the “Price” box.

If you decide you want to make a payment for that item click the“Purchase” button.

The shopping cart will automatically appear at the top of your pageonce your selected item/s have been added.

To minimise your shopping cart click the “CLOSE SHOPPING CART” icon at the top.

This will close the detailed view of your cart but permanently display the amount of items and total cost in your cart.


How do I checkout?

To checkout click the “Proceed to Checkout” button at the bottom of your shopping cart.

Alternatively you can checkout at any time by clicking on the “CHECKOUT” link at the top of our shopping cart.

This will take you to your ‘Checkout’ page containing your:

Confirmation Order Details

The email address shown will be used to send you a confirmation of your purchase(s).

You can change the email address to specify where the confirmation email will be sent for this payment.

Invoice Address/Delivery Address

These can be amended when you fill in your credit/debit card details.

Terms and Conditions

To proceed with the payment you must agree with the Terms & Conditionsthat are presented to you. Once you have agreed with them, click “Yes” I agree to the Term & Conditions.

Select the “Confirm Payment” button at the bottom of this page, to continue through to the payments area.

How do I make a payment?

To complete your payment you must select a payment method.Check that your transaction details are correct, then select a payment method by clicking on the relevant card you wish to use.

You will then be asked to fill in your card details and have the opportunity to amend the invoice address if required. Click the “Proceed” button.

If your card is registered with 3D Secure you will be asked to enter your card’s account password (this is the password that you have set up with your bank or card authoriser).

Once your payment has been successfully made, a confirmation screen with a reference number will be displayed back to you. It is a good idea to make a note of this reference number.

A confirmation email will be sent to you with details of your order and information from your organisation, regarding collection of your items and what you should do next.

Which Credit / Debit Cards are accepted?

WisePay accepts all credit / debit cards with the following logos on them.

Is the site secure?

Yes. All pages viewed on WisePay are encrypted using a ‘Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session.

SSL is an industry standard and is designed to ensure internet pages and sensitive information are not intercepted. When browsing using an SSL enabled site, you will see a padlock icon visible in your browser.

All payments are made through the Payment Gateways which adhere to the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), including stringent fraud screening, SSL encryption and tamperproof data storage. This process is regularly audited by the banks and banking authorities.

How do I view my food and drink account?

Your food and drink account can be accessed through the “My Wise Account” link in the top navigation at any time.

From your Wise Account page, a link for “Food and Drink Account” can be found under Payments and Balances.

Your Food and Drink Balance will appear along with a detailed list of transactions by date order/item description and amount paid.

How do I view my instalment statement?

Your instalment statement can be accessed through the “My Wise Account” link in the top navigation at any time.

From your Wise Account page, a link for “Instalment Statement” can be found under Payments and Balances.

All of your instalment statements will be listed with a detailed descriptions of payment status and balances left to pay.

How do I view my payments to make?

Payments to Make can be accessed through the “My Wise Account” link in the top navigation at any time.

From your Wise Account page, a link for “Payments to Make” can be found under Payments and Balances.

Click here to view all outstanding payments. A detailed description with closing date, item and cost will be displayed.

How do I view my payment history?

Your payment history can be accessed from the “My Wise Account” link in the top navigation at any time.

From your Wise Account page, a link for “Payment History” can be found under Payments and Balances. Click here to search and view your payment history.

Payment History allows you to search all transactions by date or payment reference.

How do I check/edit my account details?

You can edit or check your account details through your WisePay Account page link under “Your Details”.

You will be able to change your details such as your first name and last name, email address, telephone contact numbers and your Password.

How do I view multiple students under one account?

You can view multiple students by clicking on the “View your Merged Accounts” link under your WisePay Account page.

If you have more than one student at the same Organisation, you will receive a Username and Password for each student.

You can either choose to keep each account separate (by using the Usernames and Passwords provided for each student) or you can merge all your accounts so they can be viewed under one master account by clicking the “Merge another Student Account” link.

Payments will still need to be made for each student, but you will only need to log into one master account to do this. Once logged in you willbe able to switch between each account and select items to purchase in a common shopping cart, and then make a single payment transaction.

To do I merge multiple accounts?
  1. Choose which of your Accounts you want to use as the Master WisePay Account and Log in to their WisePay Account (using the Username and Password for that account).
  2. Click on “my Wise Account‟link.
  3. Click on to the “Merge Account” link.
  4. You will taken to a screen to enter the Username and Password of one of your other children’s accounts and press “Find Student Account‟.
  5. If a matching student account is found, the student is displayed on the next screen with a “Merge this Account‟button. Pressing this button merges the account. A message will also appear to enable you to return to the “my Wise Account‟page.
  6. Once a student account has been “merged‟, in your “my Wise Account‟you will be able to see their Name in the My Merged Accounts section listed as an active account eg “Switch to Laura Smith”. By clicking on their name you can switch to their WisePay account. Use the same method to switch back.
  7. For subsequent visits to WisePay, you must login in to the student’s account (Master WisePay Account) using their Username and Password. The logins for students who have been merged with the master account are now effectively redundant and should not be used.
  8. If you need to unmerge an account please contact your college administrator.
Who should I contact if I have a problem?

Your first line of any enquiry should be with your Organisation’s WisePay Administrator. They will contact WisePay on your behalf if they are unable to help.

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