WisePay are super-excited to support you this summer with our summer favourites!

We partner with you to support clubs & activities to maximise your attendance and enhance your school income throughout the summer.

Popular Summer Modules

WisePay Summer Modules

smart booker
Smart Booker
Smart-Booker enables schools and colleges to manage room, facilities, equipment and hospitality bookings.
Before and After School Clubs Service
School Clubs
Collect money for a club by a defined period or allow parents to book and pay for specific clubs based on dates.
Educational Trip Payment and Management Service
Trips and Visits
WisePay’s Trip Management and Payment Service allows schools and colleges to manage all their educational visits and trips offered to students in a single, centralised system.
register of interest
Register of Interest
This service allows for organisations to gauge interest or manage waiting list for selected services, within WisePay.
donations manager
Donation & Fundraising Manager
This service allows you to organise the collection of any donations, or present fundraising products to the school community and outside of the school community.
voluntary contributions
Voluntary Contributions
This service allows for you to create a rapid payment graphic to show directly to potential customers.
tickets and events
Tickets & Events
This service allows customers to pay for tickets for events where having a seat number is not a requirement (EventWise by WisePay is the service used for seat bookings).
book and club service
Book & Pay Clubs
A payments service where products are created and published, for which a parent can pay using a range of payment options.
Manageable chunks

Small, manageable chunks that make a big difference.

Our services can be used as one, several or any combination of software from the WisePay platform.

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