Pay for School Trips Online

WisePay’s Trip Management and Payment Service allows schools and colleges to manage all their educational visits and trips offered to students in a single, centralised system.

The Service allows students and parents to view information about the trip, book a place and make payments as a school or college requests. This can all be done quickly and easily on mobiles, tablets and online.

Pay for School Trips Online
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at WisePay we can customise our modular platform so it's right for you.

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Manageable chunks

Small, manageable chunks that make a big difference.

Our services can be used as one, several or any combination of software from the WisePay platform.

School Invoice Generation
WisePay Trip Management and Payment Service
  • Flexible payment options that school/college is in control of per trip. (For example, instalments, deposits, variable pricing, zero pricing, bursary contributions are all included as standard functionality).
  • Centrally managed consent and data information
  • Automatic alerts for trip eligibility, payment reminders, missing information (ie consent) and joining instructions
  • Easy real time reconciliation that is also integrated with school/college own bank statements
  • School/college is in full control of bookings and availability
  • Cash, cheque, discretionary and bursary payments are fully managed
  • Students and parents have their own detailed account.
  • Detailed, real time reporting and auditing on all activities and payments as standard
  • Centralised reporting on all data, consent, health, travel information provided or missing
Projections and Analysis
WisePay provides options to Manage Income Only or both Income and Expenditure
  • Expenditure for trips and activities is all managed in WisePay. For example, coach driver invoices and travel agency invoices
  • Both income and expenditure are clearly shown in WisePay’s Cost Centre functionality
  • Cost Centres show balance of income after expenditure for each trip or activity
  • Schools and Colleges can use their own finance coding system
  • All reports are in real time and are detailed
  • Cheque, cash, bursary, and online payments are all managed in WisePay
  • Reconciliation is very clear and simple
  • All income and expenditure is tracked (including manual entries by School and College Administrator) for straight forward auditing

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