School Income Management

How can WisePay Help Your School?

WisePay’s school income management systems allow you to easily create organic income for your school by managing school payments such as bursaries, school trips, school meals, and clubs. With our various modules, you can plan your financial year in advance and stay on top of your budgets. You can use a variety of bespoke modules to make a system that works for you and your school.

Save Time:

All of WisePay’s modules automate everyday tasks so that you have more time to do more important things. Reports are automatically run to reduce the need to count stock, count cash and take trips to the bank.

Issue Refunds:

Should you need to refund anyone, WisePay allows you to do so at the click of a button. This means that there’s no need for parents or guardians to enter the school or for cash to exchange hands between parties.

View Outstanding Payments:

To stop you chasing payments, WisePay easily allows you to see overdue payments. You can send reminders to those who owe you in just a few clicks.

Improve Outcomes:

With the option to view your income quickly, you can plan your spending with more accuracy thus improving your spending outcomes.

Redistribute Resources:

Rather than school staff spending hours counting cash and visiting the bank, they can spend time with those who matter most – the students.

WisePay school income software makes each process straightforward and incredibly easy. You can pick exactly the cashless modules you need, meaning you get a personalised school income plan which fits the challenges your school is aiming to overcome.

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