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Prom season is approaching! Prom is the one night most of your students will be looking forward to all year, and you have the important responsibility of making it a memorable night that exceeds their expectations. However, what the students don’t always see is the hard work that your staff put in behind the scenes, the intense planning and coordinating, collecting payments, etc. There are smart ways to up your prom planning game, and we’ve made a list to help you facilitate this process this year. 

Spread the word – and do it early 

The earlier in the academic year you can let your students and their families know the date of your Prom, the better! This way, people will avoid making plans for that time, and you can guarantee better attendance rates. Remember to also send out a few reminders in the months prior. Our Parental Engagement modules can help you stay in touch with your families to share communications of the sort, by using emails, forms, and text messages

Sell tickets online 

Instead of getting your staff and students involved to collect cash payments for Prom tickets, setting up a payment online automates this process and frees up time for your staff. At the same time, you’ll be able to log into your system to check the number of RSVPs and download a report with the attendee list. WisePay has two modules that can help with this: Tickets & Events, for events that don’t require seat selection, and Event-Wise, a bespoke tool that lets you design your own venue on the system, and students and families are able to select and pay for a seat of their choice. Event-Wise also allows you to sell bundles, for example an entrance ticket and drink on arrival. Using either of these modules to sell your Prom tickets will make financial reconciliation much easier for your staff. 

Boost revenue  

Selling tickets for your Prom in this way is a great source of additional revenue. Once the ticket payments have covered the cost of catering, your venue, DJ etc., the remainder of the income can be used to improve the services and facilities of your organisation. Using an online platform to manage costs and invoices is a smart approach to easier budgeting and finance management. Take a look at our blog to read more about generating extra school income

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