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Our young people experience just as many issues with their mental health as the rest of the population. The pressure of exams, issues with friends or problems within relationships are just a few of the issues that young people are facing without evening thinking about the uncertainty of the last few months. Let’s talk about the effect of counselling on our younger generations.  

Is Counselling Just A Safe Space? 

While having a safe space to talk is important, counselling provides much more than just a private room with 4 walls. A counsellor is an extra person on your side, someone who can give you advice while looking in from the outside. Talking to a counsellor gives you the chance to recognise and understand your problems and figure out the best way to tackle it together.   

Is Everything Truly Confidential? 

Yes! A professional counsellor will not pass on any sensitive information unless anyone involved is in immediate danger. Young people have the right to privacy and giving them access to a counsellor is giving them that opportunity.  

What About Medication? 

Most research for medication is done on adults rather than children and teenagers. There’s lots of evidence that shows that talking therapy has great impacts on young people, and some drugs can be effective if needed.  You’ll always be given the choice of going on medication, and it’s important you discuss it thoroughly with your medical professional.  

Can Parents Help? 

Talking to parents or people in the home is often one of the best ways to help with emotions. A parent can be a shoulder to cry on or someone that listens to the young person. A great place to start is by having good routines at home, and some great healthy eating habits

What About Virtual Counselling? 

In our current situation, you might have found that online counselling has become more readily available. Counselling over video call is more convenient and more accessible. There’s no need to travel long distances to find a counsellor that you get along with. However, technology can often be unreliable and leave you without a full session. Online counselling is also not always great for every person, for people with serious illnesses, a video call just won’t do.   

The NHS website has lots of resources that might be useful to you if you’re concerned about a young person’s mental wellbeing. With WisePay’s parental engagement solution, you can easily contact parent’s if you have any concerns.  

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