Steps to Improving Parental Engagement In The Classroom

How can we encourage parents to become more involved? 

It can be challenging working with a student whose parents or guardians lack interest in their academia, as we know how much more successful that student can be when all parties work together. At school, we can pick up on certain weaknesses that a student might have, and help them overcome this easier with support in all areas of their life. Scientific studies have also shown that a student’s academic performance can be improved with positive parental reinforcement. 

Why is communication important between teachers and parents? 

Communication is key! It is important to establish clear lines of communication between a parent or guardian and teacher from the offset. The more communication between the two parties, the more support the student can receive – it’s a win-win.  

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How can we be positive with parental communication?  

Don’t phone home every time with negative news – the parent will dread answering the phone. Sprinkle praise into the communication, and brighten up both the parent and student’s day. Why not write a letter to a parent or guardian about how a student’s smile lights up your day? Even if they are often a challenging pupil.  

Why is getting to know your students important? 

We know that it’s tough when you’ve got lots of students, lots of lessons, and not a lot of time. However, it can be crucial to learn as much about your students and their home lives as possible. There are even some online resources that can help you get to know a student a bit more. 

How does persistence affect the relationship between teacher and parent?  

Keep trying! It can be challenging when you’re always leaving answerphone messages, or sending emails without a response but it’s quite likely that the parent or guardian is still hearing what you’re saying.  

To summarise, we think you’re doing a great job. It can be challenging getting parents on board, but give it your best shot and we guarantee that your students will thank you. Check out our guide on how to support your student’s wellbeing.  

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