What were the challenges for Harlow's College

Prior to using Wisepay, Harlow College had the usual issues of organising and managing school trips and visits, having to painstakingly count money and bank cheques.  It was an administrative nightmare and was just taking too long: the process needed to be improved.

Harlow College


Before approaching WisePay and idXtra the processes in college were far more manual. Harlow College wanted to modernise their catering service and make it more efficient and user-friendly, which is why they chose WisePay with idXtra’s cashless catering system combination, including EventPOS. WisePay, specifically, enabled Harlow College to customise our specific requirements and preferences.

Intelligent Solutions

WisePay provided the versatility and flexibility required, alongside the capability to upgrade the software to meet the college’s changing needs. As well as topping–up the cashless catering service, WisePay has assisted Harlow College students to pay for courses, excursions, hairdressing, stationery, and other miscellaneous items, with the added benefit of centralised reporting.

Cashless Catering

Having a system such as WisePay in the college not only speeds up the vending process in the canteen but also minimises cash handling. The time savings for staff within the college are invaluable.

Positive Results

“I am very pleased with the system supplied by WisePay and idXtra and particularly with the support we have received. The company is committed to fixing any issues as they arise, and we have never had to wait a long time for help. Furthermore, students can use their mobile phones for payment at lunch and break times. This on the-go access went down very well with most students.”

“When we are unsure or a new requirement is required, getting in touch with the WisePay account management team, alongside IDXtra has proven to be invaluable. These open and supportive lines of communication have ensured that Harlow College has the correct solutions in place to be able to manage the daily demands of a busy further educational establishment.”

Stuart Smith, Catering Manager

Over 20 Years Experience

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