WisePay is in the initial process of retiring its Fund Manager Service. The expectation is that the service will be fully retired by the end of 2021. Currently, WisePay is working with Pebble to ensure delivery of a replacement solution, alongside a seamless transition period for customers. WisePay will continue providing your organisation with updates on progressions.

Pebble’s Tali fund managing software is an established, customer-led, well-supported solution for managing school funds, bookkeeping and many other related accounting aspects associated with the effective running of school finances.

Still Have Questions?

Why is Fund Manager being retired? WisePay aims to provide best-fit solutions to our customers and sometimes that means undertaking selected integrations as opposed to further in-house product development.

Where can I find further information on Tali?

Please see the videos links below and you can visit the Pebble website for more information on Pebble and their solutions.

When can I move across to Tali?

Soon we will be able to share more information with schools, regarding transitioning.

What help is provided for schools?

Pebble will directly support schools during the implementation phase.

Will I receive training?

Yes, training will be available to all schools prior to Tali’s launch.

Who will support our school with any questions after implementation?

WisePay will provide support in the first instance, however, more technical queries will be dealt with by Pebble’s support team.

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