A Tailored Exam Fee Payments Service

This Service allows students to make exam and re-sit payments online, 24/7. WisePay can also be integrated with a school or college exam database, meaning student results can be displayed directly and securely to the Wise Account of each individual student.

WisePay’s Exam Results and Payment Services help you manage:

  • Schools/colleges can set price of the exams.
  • Different audience groups can be provided different pricing structures (for example, internal or external students can have different costs).
  • Variable pricing options can be applied if appropriate.
  • Late payment pricing can automatically apply after a defined date.
  • Exams automatically expire after payment cut-off date so that students cannot pay after deadline.
  • All money goes directly to the school or college bank account.
  • WisePay automatically synchronises with school and college student database.
  • Exams can be booked at ‘Zero’ cost to student if school or college allows.
School Exam Managment
Tailored for you
at WisePay we can customise our modular platform so it's right for you.

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Small, manageable chunks that make a big difference.

Our services can be used as one, several or any combination of software from the WisePay platform.


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