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Fundraising in Schools

Following the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, schools have seen income streams diminish as many trips and events have been cancelled. As a result, schools are now relying upon donations more than ever before. When accepting donations, the setup process can be tedious, especially with third-party companies taking transaction fees on each donation.

What is the Donation & Fundraising Manager?

WisePay’s Donation & Fundraising Manager service allows you to organise the collection of any donations, or present school fundraising products to the school community and even those outside of the school community. This WisePay module gives complete flexibility to both the school and the payee due to its comprehensive set of customisation features.

Schools can set up a payment for anything they’d like, including a summary, logos, and imagery of their choice. Furthermore, schools can include any documentation or attachment they deem relevant within the donation and fundraising page.

Payments are set up to allow the customer to make donations easily and repeatedly to your school or organisation. Furthermore, Parent Associations can be given access to this service and their bank account can be added to your WisePay platform. WisePay makes reporting and accounting easy with its intuitive payment reporting area, allowing you to see all payments in one place. From here you can print or export your reports at your convenience.

This service works alongside the External Account creation Service and ability to obtain Gift Aid if your organisation is a registered charity or has charitable status.

WisePay’s Donation & Fundraising Manager service is key for schools heading into 2021. If you’d like a member of our team to show you around the system, simply click here and press ‘book a demo’.

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