BacktoSchool Webinar

Backing your future: Giving you your time back ​

What is time to you? Would you like to change your school’s processes to save time for you and your staff? Join Connie, as we discuss the issues schools are facing and the ways in which they are utilising technology to reduce burdens within the school environment.

Connie will be talking about how WisePay can save you some more time on a daily basis. WisePay is a flexible, modern solution that is capable of developing a solution tailored to your exact needs, here are some ways that you can save time using the system:

– Banking/reconciliation​ – banking is really easy in WisePay! You can see your funds at a glance.

– Processing refunds & transfers – you can process a refund in just a few clicks, Connie’s going to show you how.

– Centralised reporting – WisePay’s reporting feature allows you to see your incoming finances at a glance.

– System shortcuts – there are some handy shortcuts available in WisePay, Connie’s going to take you through them.

– Integrated communications​ – communicating with parents about finances has never been easier! Let Connie talk you through the process.

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