Apple Pay and Google Pay as parental payment options

We are delighted to announce we are nearing the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Pay as new payment options for parents at checkout within the upgraded version of the WisePay App. These secure, convenient, and simple payment options will speed up routine top-ups and shop purchases for parents, meaning they will be able to complete essential payments in seconds.

This introduction comes alongside a myriad of security improvements as we switch to Global Payments. Apple Pay and Google Pay will be presented as payment options when customers arrive at the new gateway presented at checkout. The new gateway also means WisePay is safer than ever whilst still retaining the same interface customers are familiar with. 

For more information, please click here.

Existing WisePay Schools

Please pass on this message to your parents. More guidance for parents can be accessed here, they can learn exactly how this new and exciting addition can enhance their experience.

New to WisePay?

The WisePay team are always speaking with new schools to enhance their school payments solution. If you would like to discuss the introduction of a new and innovative payments solution in your school please contact our friendly team today, we’re here to support your school community.

How to use Apple Pay

How to use Google Pay

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