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Parent Engagement Software

WisePay’s  Parent Engagement Software for Schools and Academies is designed to aid the communications between schools and their parents.

Parent Evening Booking Service

Parent Evening Booking Service

This Service allows parents to book parent/teacher meetings online. WisePay integrates with a school's student database so that parents only see timeslots available for the appropriate teachers for each child. Parents are also able to make any comments to a teacher in advance of the meeting.

Using the WisePay Communications Hub, a parent can be reminded of an up and coming meeting or alerted should a teacher be off sick and unable to attend a planned appointment.

WisePay Communication Hub

WisePay Communication Hub – for emailing and texting

This Service is integrated to work with all other WisePay Services.

It allows emailing and texting facilities to communicate with parents.

Personalised payment alerts, low balances and payment reminders are automatically generated from the student’s payment history and products available to them. Additionally, the Service can be used for both ‘whole school’ broadcasts and individual communications informing parents of clubs, events, meal promotions, school closures etc.


Consent and Forms Management Service

Consent and Forms Management Service

This Service can be used anywhere that data needs to be collected.  For example, for trips, clubs or activity days.

The WisePay Educational Trip Payment and Management Service enables schools to collect consent forms and information from parents as part of the Service.  This is an extension of this,  allowing bespoke forms to be published online and data that is collected, to be centrally managed in a single source.


Register your Interest

Register your Interest Service

This Service allows a school to gauge the interest from parents of an activity before it is made available.  It can be used for Trips, Clubs and any Event your school may be thinking of running.   Having access to this information, schools can judge the viability of running an activity.

WisePay's Software for Schools and Academies

WisePay's software streamlines the administration, booking and payment processes in schools and academies and supports commercial income channels.

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Payment Processing

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Student Income Management Software

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Commercial Income and Shared Service Management Software

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