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Commercial Income and Shared Services Management Software

Collecting money is more than just about the payment.  It is the whole administration process and user experience that is important too.

Southend High School For Boys

grey explanation markI am from a commercial background so it didn’t make sense to me that online payments were creating so much additional work from another supplier”. The point of a cashless system is that it is less labour-intensive. WisePay’s innovative solutions help us achieve more by doing less: a great advantage and confidence boost to the school and to the parents.  We now have a proper business solution in place, not just a simple catering tool.

David Morris,
Southend School for Boys

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Smart-Booker Service

This can be used for both school facilities bookings and commercial bookings.  It is a powerful piece of software that has functionality options depending on the requirements and setting of each individual school.



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Event-Wise Service

This Service is ideal for events and theatre productions with numbered seating. It can be used for both school and commercial usage and has functionality options depending upon an individual school’s needs.  It provides variable and multiple seat pricing, has an interactive seat planner and allows hospitality and merchandise to be sold with a seat.



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Smart-Nursery Service

This is a new Service that WisePay is launching in 2017.  It is designed to manage nursery bookings and wrap-around care, together with payments and funding associated to those bookings.

If your school would like to register your interest in this Service, please email or call 0845 899 0011.


Course-Booking Service

This Service allows users to view and purchase any commercial courses a school may be running.  It allows the end user to complete an online application form and make a payment with their submission.

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WisePay's Software for Schools and Academies

WisePay's software streamlines the administration, booking and payment processes in schools and academies and supports commercial income channels.

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Payment Processing

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Student Income Management Software

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Parental Engagement Software

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