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Colleges and Further Education

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WisePay provides a totally integrated suite of software for colleges.

Our Services helps colleges to streamline their payment collections, develop new income streams, grow revenue, drive efficiencies in administration processes and provide powerful analysis and measurement.

WisePay Software for Colleges and Futher Education


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Payment Processing

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Streamline College Administration Processes

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Supporting Commercial Income Channels

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Measure Facilities Usage for Auditing and Reporting Bodies

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News and Events

  • UK education software company WisePay joins forces with Community Brands

    UK education software company WisePay joins forces with Community Brands

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  • Paying too much for your ‘Free or Low Cost’ online payments?

    Find out how WisePay Software Services can help you reduce your costs.

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  • Exciting New Service - Event-Wise

    For productions and events.

    WisePay are delighted to announce our new Event-Wise Service It provides variable and multiple seat pricing, has an interactive seat planner and allows hospitality and merchandise to be sold with a seat. Find out more.



Commcerical Services

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Smart-Booker is a sports and facilities booking service for colleges.  It provides flexible payment options, including online payments and invoices raised for business. 

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Event-Wise is a theatre and event seat booking service.  The Service provides a visual auditorium, multiple seat pricing and allows hospitality or merchandise to be purchased with tickets. 

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Our Smart-Nursery Service is being released in 2017. It allows is a school to Nursery booking Service and includes online payments, invoices raised and wrap-around care options.

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