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Theatre and Events

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WisePay provides ticketing and booking Services for organisations running conferences, theatre productions, exhibitions or events.

Payments can be made with or without a booking and invoices can be automatically raised to businesses or clubs. 

Ideal for:

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School/College Productions

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Theatre and Arts Venus

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Stadium Events

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Corporate Events

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Ticketing with Hospitality



Powerful Functionality

Visual Seating Plans that are Easy to Manage

Visual and flexible seating management.  Organisations can add and remove seating and colour code their plans.


Hospitality and Merchandise can be purchased with a seat

Increase revenues by providing ‘package bookings’. Provide options on different performances and event.


Grow Revenue – Manage Hospitality and Merchandise with Ticket

Merchandise, clothing and catering options can all be purchased with seats if an organisation wishes to promote other areas.


Target Promotions and Information to Specific Audiences, Clubs and Groups

Provide discounted and concession pricing options to loyal audiences, clubs or groups.  Automate specific information to targeted customers.


Multiple seat pricing

Comprehensive seat price options for same seat:

  • Adult/Student
  • Concessions
  • Party Bookings
  • Discounts


Flexible Payment Options

Providing flexible payment options:

  • Card payments with booking
  • Automatic invoice generation (to include own logo plus VAT and company registration number)
  • Reception/on-site payments


Reach New Customers - Promote your Event through Built in Alerts

Target new audiences and communicate specific information about your event through the mobile App.

Update existing customers on up-coming events.


Measure Results including Full Price Tickets, Concessions, Promotions, Merchandise and Catering

Smart-Productions provides powerful management information on event uptake, merchandise and catering sold.  This can include measurement across concessions and promotionalticket options.

Organisations can analyse the success of their event companiedto other events in real terms, in real time.

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