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PCI Compliance

Committed to security, continual investment in technology

WisePay takes payment security and data protection extremely seriously.  We are continually audited by leading,
independent 3rd party security experts.

As a business, we invest heavily in technology and infrastructure and set the bar for our competitors.

PCI Security Compliance

WisePay is PCI-DSS compliant and all payments are processed at Level 1 Security which is the highest level of compliance.

We are regularly and comprehensively assessed by third party auditors who are certified directly by the PCI Security Council.

Data Centre Security

WisePay’s Services are hosted and maintained in a secure and reliable UK based data centre.  The centre is fully compliant with and certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI DSS. 

financial audit trail

A Detailed Financial Audit Trail

WisePay’s Services provide a complete audit trail of all payments.  All transaction references are logged and uniquely referenced by users, our customer organisations, their own coding options and the banking network.

All payment and refund activities are logged by individual with a comprehensive audit.

data protection

Data Protection

WisePay is registered as a Data Processor with the Information Commissioners Office. Our company's registration number is Z1847335.  

As the Data Controller, an organisation remains fully in control of accessing, managing and updating all of its data at all times in WisePay.