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Multi-Academy Trusts

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From Nursery to Primary, from Secondary to College, the WisePay Platform provides a complete and totally integrated suite of Payment, Booking and Communication Services for Multi-Academy Trusts.

WisePay offers centralised reporting across a Trust, single or multiple bank account management, full PCI compliance and competitive transaction rates. 

WisePay’s Software for Multi-Academy Trusts


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Payment Processing

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Intelligent Functionality from Nursery to 6th Form

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Our MATs Package

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Centralised Trust and Individual School Reporting with Easy Reconciliation

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Academy Trust

WisePay is really working well for us, both for the staff and the parents. I am very happy with the services that WisePay provide: the system is intuitive and flexible and the WisePay team are very proactive and responsive. If we have an enquiry, I just email the technical team and they resolve any issues with a very fast turnaround.

The school and the Trust now receive consistent, cost-effective managed services from WisePay, ensuring they can continue to grow and develop in a collaborative environment

Melanie Mann, ,
Finance Manager and Business Manager of the school and the Trust

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WisePay Tailored MAT Package

WisePay understands that Multi-Academy Trusts require different services for their different schools.

WisePay MAT Package



Commercial Services

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Smart-Booker is a sports and facilities booking service for colleges.  It provides flexible payment options, including online payments and invoices raised for business. 

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Event-Wise is a theatre and event seat booking service.  The Service provides a visual auditorium, multiple seat pricing and allows hospitality or merchandise to be purchased with tickets. 

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Our Smart-Nursery Service is being released in 2017. It allows is a school to Nursery booking Service and includes online payments, invoices raised and wrap-around care options.

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