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WisePay works directly with catering organisations who supply catering services to education, NHS Trusts and private organisations.

We help Catering Companies to:

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Provide a cashless environment with POS tills and online top-ups.

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Provide pre-menu ordering services.

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Manage Free School Meals and Universal School Meals allowances.

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Access comprehensive finance and meal reporting across single and multiple-site operations.

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Cashless Catering Environment with POS tills and Online Top-Ups

Our Cashless Catering Service allows users to top-up their catering account online.  WisePay integrates with all integrated POS tills and can also, through our partners, provide POS tills.

Our integrated Alerts Service allows catering companies to communicate with their customers and to promote meal offers and services.

All meal purchases and balances are displayed in the user's Wise Account. Bursary and allowances can also be managed through the Service.

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Pre-Menu Ordering Services

Our Pre-Menu Ordering Service allows users to order and pay for their meals in advance. Catering companies can easily publish their menus online. Canteen staff have access to real time canteen reports, enabling them to plan their food ordering in advance and reduce food waste. The Service manages bursaries, allowances, FSM and USFM.

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Comprehensive Finance and Meal Reporting Across Single and Multiple-Site Operations

WisePay provides real-time finance and meal reporting. All reporting is updated as soon as an order or a payment is placed. Reporting can be across single or multiple sites.

When working with schools and colleges, WisePay has full integrations will all leading student databases. This means that as information on FSM, UFSM and bursaries are changing, they are automatically synchronised and changed in WisePay. This meals that all meal orders placed, are categorised with the correct allowances.

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Management of Free School Meals and Universal School Meals allowances.

Advertise 'Meal Deals', promote special menus.  Using WisePay's Communications Hub, Catering companies can target their broadcasts - either to everyone or to specific audience groups.